The Cavy Place
Rasing Friendly, Healthy, and Affordable Cavys to take home and love
Due to lack of pure bred guinea pigs in my area I will be breeding mutts until I can get  a few pure breeds. Each mutt until I get my pure breds will be 20$. 
If you have chosen to buy a cavy from me and it is your first time owning a guinea pig here are a few basic care tips you'll need to know;
Temporary prices:

20$ for one mutt or 30$ for 2

My normal Prices;

20$ for American short hair
25$ for White crested
25$ for Abyssinian
30$ for Teddy
40$ for Peruvian
15$ for mixed breeds ('Mutts' if you will).

30$ for two pigs (Mutt + any 20/25$ pigs)
35$ for two pigs (American + any 20/25$ pigs)
55$ for two pigs (Peruvian + any pigs)

With every purchase of two or more of my Cavys I offer 1 free nail clipping. It is 5$ per cavy after that. You can bring them in month to month if necessary/wanted.

I also offer a 30min/1hr class for children.
It is called 'The Children's Cavy Class'.
In this class your child will learn ;

- What and how much to feed your Cavy.
- How to pick up and hold a Cavy.
- What a cavy needs to be happy and healthy .
- How to clean a cavy cage properly (with hands
on exp).

The class will cost 15$ per child. All of my earnings from The Children's Cavy Class will go towards rescuing Cavys in need.

  • Guinea pigs can't make Vitamin C in their bodies so it is up to us to give the piggy an appropriate amount each day.
  • Guinea pigs need Timothy hay to snack on each day to help with their digestive tract. It is important to feed them Timothy hay and not alfalfa because alfalfa has too much dust in it and can hurt their respiratory system.
  • Guinea pigs are clean animals that are commonly mistaken for being too smelly but with proper care, your piggy should smell clean and fresh as long as you take care and clean the cage every 3 to 4 days.
    Here at The Cavy Place heath is the most important thing it even comes before breeding!

    I feed my Cavys (Guinea pigs) plenty of fresh fruits and veggies each day, along with fresh Timothy hay and a bit of fresh pellets to top it off. Along with that they get fresh water with added Vitamin C.

    I also will take any of my cavys, young or old, to the vet if I suspect/notice anything abnormal about them.

    I require anyone who wants to adopt from me a small information form to be filled out. This form will consist of;

    Your Name.
    Why you want to adopt.
    What type of Cavy your looking for.
    The option of writing an online review.
    The option of staying in contact with me.
    A promise that the Cavy won't be used as food.
    A promise that you will take the Cavy to the vet if needed.

    Will include a guarantee that you can bring back any Cavy for a trade or a 1/2 refund.

    The reason I only will give a 1/2 refund is because it will be harder to find the Cavy a good home to go to.

    I will mark any returned Cavy with a yellow star on its cage to signify that it has been brought back for any reason.
    Do you like rats? Buy from a trusted seller!